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In 2007, American Extradition Specialists, Inc. was founded by former 
law enforcement personnel to provide the most professional prisoner transportation service in the country. Seven years later and thousands of prisoners transported without incident, American Extradition Specialists, Inc. has maintained their status and respect as an industry leader.

The partners' recognized an important void in private prisoner extradition and in 2015, American Extradition Specialists, Inc. evolved into the only company in the nation that specializes in consulting start-up and existing prisoner transportation businesses.

The market for prisoner transportation continues to grow and there's less competition. The demands for inmate and prisoner extradition greatly exceed the mere 20, or so companies in the United States.

There are strong incentives and financial safeguards provided to this industry that very few businesses are afforded. The most attractive and secure is that private prisoner transportation is 100% tax-payer funded. This is because private extradition is a necessary benefit to law enforcement (local, state, and federal), cost-effective and very efficient. And similar to law enforcement, private extradition is practically recession proof. Crime is never going away and prisoners will always need transportation. 

With millions of dollars' worth of contracts available, it's a great opportunity for New companies to emerge. If you're thinking about starting an exciting business within a reasonable budget and strong profit potential, private prisoner extradition is worth considering. The time has never been better.

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Stephen Sanzeri, CEO

We no longer transport inmates or prisoners and will be happy to suggest a reputable company to suit your agency's needs.